34333 Highway 97 North
Chiloquin, Oregon

(888) 552-6692
(541) 783-7529

Kla-Mo-Ya Casino is fabulous tribal casino located in Chiloquin, Oregon, just off Highway 97. The casino features 16,000 square feet of casino game floors, with slot machines and video poker machines making up most of the game variety. Blackjack is another focus at Kla-Mo-Ya Casino, with low to high-stakes tables available.

The Kla-Mo-Ya Casino in Oregon is ran by the Klamath Tribes, which are comprised of the Klamath Indians, the Modocs and the Yahooskin.

Kla Mo Ya Casino Slot Machines

Kla Mo Ya Casino features more than 380 slots machines, including penny machines, nickel and quarter games, as well as $5 slot machines. Most recently, the casino added 2 cent machines!

The new two cent machine’s include Happy Happy Hippy, Seven Wishes and Castaway.

Keno and Video Poker at Cla Mo Ya Casino
The casino also offers video poker and keno machines with progressive jackpots.

Blackjack is played in double-deck and six-deck shoes, with slightly different rules for each. In double-deck Blackjack, the players are allowed to hold their cards, so long as only one hand is used. In the six-deck version, all player cards are dealt face up, and cannot be touched.

Kla-Mo-Ya Casino Tournaments
Kla-Mo-Ya Casino is famous for its slots and blackjack tournaments. Slots tournaments are held on most every holiday. There are special slots tournaments for seniors, as well as 54-and-under.

Kla-Mo-Ya Casino hosts regular guaranteed blackjack tournaments with $3,000 guaranteed, as well as standard blackjack tournaments with progressive prize pools based on the number of entries. Typical buy-ins are $20, plus $20 re-buys, where the top 6 finishers get a paid.

Kla-Mo-Ya Casino Loyalty Program
Anyone and everyone (21+) can join the Kla-Mo-Ya Casino Bonus Club. Use your card each time you play at Kla-Mo-Ya Casino and you’ll continue to rack up points for all wagers. The more points you earn, the better the benefits become. Players can earn entry forms for drawings, discounts at Rapids Deli and Still Waters Buffet, plus other prizes. Every 2,500 points earned gives you $5 free to play the slots. On your birthday, you’ll automatically receive 2,500 points for $5 free play on the slots.

Kla-Mo-Ya also features Keno, and video poker. However, if you’re not from the state of Oregon, you might be surprised to see that Video poker is just really not a big deal here.

The state of Oregon Lottery offers five video poker machines in pretty much every bar throughout the state. Needless to say, Oregonians are less than impressed with Video Poker at the casinos.

Also on offer to Oregon Gamblers at Kla Mo Ya casino are six table games, and of course, all the buffet style food an Oregon Casino has to offer.

Kla Mo Ya also boasts SEVEN new Spielo Tournament slot machines. According to management at the casino, these are a must see attraction.

Kla Mo Ya doesn’t have a sportsbook or racetrack and there is no off track betting. They do offer blackjack though!

Blackjack at Klay Mo Ya Casino in Oregon

Blackjack is one of the best games for a table games player, in fact, if played correctly, you can actually take the houses edge away. If Blackjack is your game Kla-Mo-Ya Casino in Oregon says they are the place you want to be, promising the friendliest dealers in the Pacific Northwest.

Kla Mo Ya casino features double deck and six deck blackjack shoe games.

Both the double-deck and six-deck blackjack games at Kla Mo Ya both are dealt from a shoe, however, each game is played with its own set of table rules. When playing with the two-deck shoe, the blackjack player can hold his/her cards with one hand. On the six-deck shoe, the player’s cards are dealt face up and can not be touched. Semantics I know. But pick up those cards and you’re likely to freak out everyone within range as blackjack players imagine bonuses voided.. and dealers cringe.. it won’t be pretty. In fact, it’s only slightly better than doubling on 12.

Kla Mo Ya Blackjack Table hours: Everyday 10am – 2am


One Response to Kla-Mo-Ya

  1. Nikki says:

    Just had breakfast at kla-mo-ya casino and I was so very disappointed in the whole thing. I love the casino feel. And the food has always been good at every casino I have been to until now. We walked in and the whole place just stunk. It smelt dirty. I know you can smoke in there and I am a smoker. That is not the smell. It was the smell of dirty, not well kept house. We ordered a simple breakfast with drinks. The gal working the counter was rude to us and didn’t bring my dad his coffee even though it had already been poured. The dining area was grimy tables felt dirty and none of the sugar, creamer, ketchup ect. Was filled. We had to fend for ourselves. While we were eating the gal behind the counter was yelling at a guy who was behind the counter working also.
    I am very glad we happened to stop on the way home instead of planning and making a trip special here because the look feel and service is nowhere near the statements made on the website.

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