November 2012 Promotions at Spirit Mountain’s Poker Room

November Casino Promotions

November Casino Promotions

Spirit Mountain Casino has announced new promotions for November 2012 in the casinos poker room. These promotions are available to players playing in cash poker games. For tournament promotions, check out the Spirit Mountain poker tournament schedule.

High Hand Sundays
Spirit Mountain will be giving away $100 every 30 Minutes for the highest hand dealt.
This promotion runs from 10 am to 8 pm with the first qualifier starting at 9 am Sunday morning.

  • The highest Hand Every Half Hour will be paid.
  • At least one hole card is required to play.

Monte Carlo at Spirit Mountain
Monte Carlo will kick off following High Hand on Sunday’s at 8 p.m at The Mountain. and will continue through Thursday. Monte Carlo will be played around the clock.

  • Quads will pay: $50
  • Straight flushes will pay: $300
  • Royal flushes will pay: $500
  • Both Hole Cards Must Play

$50 Hot Seat Drawings every 30 Minutes on Fridays!

From 12am on Friday morning, to the stroke of midnight Saturday morning, Spirit Mountain Casino will be holding hot seat drawings! The downside of this promotion is that the casino requires 2 active tables for the promotion to be in effect.

Saturday’s Big Wheel Spin

  • 1x what is spun for Quads
  • 2x what is spun for Straight flushes
  • 3x what is spun for a Royal Flush
  • $500 Maximum Payout

The big spin Spirit Mountain promotion runs from 11 am – 11 pm on Saturdays in November. Players must use at least one hole card to qualify for the wheel spin.

Spirit Mountain Weekly Promo Rules

      Jackpot and Promotion Pool:

  • At least one promotional dollar must be dropped for hands to be eligible
  • Table must have at least 4 players to drop Promotional Pool dollars.
  • Any promotional winner seated at a No Limit game may only put winnings on the table up to buy-in limits.
  • To be eligible to win a Hot Seat drawing, players must be in their seat. Not valid if the seat drawn has a missed blind button.
  • In the event that a hot seat drawing did not hit a live active player, the table and the seat will be redrawn.
  • All promotions are funded from the Promotional Pool.
  • Players cannot be paid for a promotion during the hand that is paid a bad beat jackpot.
  • A person must win a portion of the pot to be eligible for a promotion.
  • Management reserves the right to alter or cancel any promotion at any time.
  • Management reserves the right to adjust the payouts in the event of inclement weather conditions.

Hole Cards:

  • If a kicker is used for a promotion that requires both hole cards to play, it must be higher than the board and must not tie the board.
  • If a kicker is used only the highest kicker used will be paid the promotion of that current hand.

  I.D. is checked on every Spirit Mountain Promo payout.


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