Single Deck Blackjack in Oregon

Single Deck Blackjack

Single-Deck Blackjack is the original, and generally most preferred, version of the game. It is played exactly the same as regular Blackjack, except that only a single deck of cards is used. In today’s casinos, it is most common to use 4, 6 or even 8 decks to play Blackjack.

What makes Single Deck Blackjack so much more appealing to hard-core players is the ease and accuracy of card counting systems. While keeping a side count of Aces, you can pin-point how likely you are to receive an Ace easier than when there are 32 Aces in a massive deck of over 400 cards. However, that is just about the only difference in the game.

Casinos with Single Deck Blackjack in Oregon

Spirit Mountain Casino

Single Deck Blackjack Online

Pontoon -  A Single Deck Blackjack Game

Pontoon, a blackjack variety is played with a single deck of cards. What’s even better is that in the game of Pontoon at the below RTG casinos, the dealer is required to hit (receive a card)  on  soft 17. Pontoon is available at these casinos from $1.00 to $250 per hand.
 Club USA Casino (Club World)
Lucky Red Casino
Desert Nights Casino
Las Vegas USA
Jackpot Capital Casino
SlotoCash Casino
Single Deck Blackjack – Objective

The object of Blackjack is to achieve a hand of 21, or as close to 21 as possible without going over. In order to win, your hand value must be higher than that of the dealer. Blackjack may have multiple players at a single table, but non compete against each other. All players seek to beat the dealer.

Single Deck Blackjack – Rules

First, players may place a bet within the table limit. If the limit is $1-$100, a bet anywhere between that amount is acceptable. The dealer will then give all players, and himself, a total of two cards each. The player’s cards are both dealt face up, while the dealer’s cards are dealt one face down, the next face up. Starting with these two cards, the player must make a decision.

The player has free reign to play his hand however he wishes. The dealer is not given such an opportunity, forced to follow strict rules of hand development. This is why it doesn’t matter that the dealer sees the players’ cards.

Single Deck Blackjack – Player Options

With two cards in hand, the player may choose one of the following options:

Blackjack: If the player has Blackjack (Ace + 10 or Face Card), he will reveal his cards and immediately win, so long as the dealer does not also have Blackjack. Blackjack normally pays 3:2.

Hit: Take another card. Players can Hit as many times as they like, so long as they don’t bust (exceed 21).

Stand: Keep the current hand value, taking no more cards.

Double: Take only one card (total of 3 cards in hand), doubling the original bet amount.

Split: If dealt a pair, a player can split these cards to make two new hands. A second bet, equal to the first, is required to be placed on the new hand. The player then plays the first hand in the normal manner, then, when the first hand Stands or Busts, the second hand is played.

Single Deck Blackjack – Dealer Options

As we said before, the dealer doesn’t actually have any options. He must follow the rules of the house, which state exactly what he will do according to his hand value.

If the Dealer’s Hand is 16 or below: He must Hit.
If the Dealer’s Hand is 17 or above: He must Stand.

Some casinos apply a “Dealer must Hit Soft 17” rule. A Soft 17 is when the dealer has a total hand value of 17, including an Ace counted as 11 (A+6, A+2+4, A+1+5, etc.)

Wizard of Odds Blackjack StrategySingle Deck Blackjack: Other Bets
There are a few other Single Deck Blackjack bets that may or may not be applied by your favorite land-based or online casino. We’ll detail these for you below.

Insurance: A very common side bet that becomes available only when the dealer has an Ace showing. The likelihood of the Dealer having a blackjack is nearly 1 in 3. The insurance bet is equal to 50% of your original bet, and pays 2:1 if the dealer has Blackjack, essentially breaking even on the hand. If the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance bet is lost and the hand continues as normal.

Surrender: some casinos offer a surrender option after the cards are dealt, but before the hand is played. The dealer will have a chance to check his hand for Blackjack, and if he does not have it, the player can choose to surrender his hand and half of his bet, keeping the other half.

Chinook Winds casino located on the Oregon Coast features single deck blackjack, in fact, if you use the strategies listed on this page to play the game, you can actually reduce the house edge to just .05% at Chinook Winds.

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