Chinook Winds Casino

Do two rainbows make the pot of gold twice as big?

Chinook Winds Casino

Chinook Winds Casino – Lincoln City Oregon

1777 NW 44th Street Lincoln City, OR 97367

Chinook Winds Casinois located on prime Lincoln City Oregon real estate, with the Pacific Ocean as its backdrop.

Eating at Chinook Winds Casino

There are a few restaurants available at the casino. Every Tuesday and Friday, the Winners Circle will give you a $2 off coupon for meals, if you ask. They’re not allowed to offer, you have to ask. In fact, every time you’re at the Winners Circle, ask them what coupons and promotions are available.

In our reviewer’s opinion, avoid the Buffett. The food is sub par, it’s reminiscent of what a nursing home might serve, even after the casino updated the venue during the summer of 2011. The crab legs have holes popped into them, and causing them to have this strong fishy smell, and something in the buffet tends to cause diarrhea that kicks in before leaving.

The Hotel restaurant on the other hand is heaven in comparison, it’s a touch overpriced, and the ocean view is a bit under utilized given the vacant rooftop, but the food, is fine dining by comparison. If you’re not used to fine dining, you might consider the portions small.

The best deal in the entire casino is offered at the cafe. Grab a half sandwich and a cup of soup for around $3. The chicken strips are the most popular item by far.

Chinook Winds will Become the first Oregon Casino to Serve Liquor in the Poker Room

The  coastal Oregon casino recently became the first casino on the Oregon Coast to offer liquor on the gaming floor, you still can’t sit back and enjoy an adult beverage while your mucking poker cards, but hell, it’s a start now isn’t it? Actually, the casino has built walls up around the poker room just this month (May 2012), and rumor has it that it will soon become the only poker room in an Oregon casino where you can legally drink alcohol and play poker.

The reason you weren’t able to drink in the poker room before was that 18 year olds could play in the room, and minors could see in the room. After the change is made, minors won’t be allowed to play poker, and kids won’t be able to see adults inside gambling, and drinking. It’s a funny little rule of the Oregon Liquor Commissions, they don’t mind if kids see grown folks drinking, and they’re okay with kids seeing adults gambling, but kids have no business watching grown ups do both at the same time.

On a side note, it’s fine for an 18 year old girl to strip down to nothing and dance on a pole, in a strip bar, while grown men gawk at her, get drunk, and/or gamble on video poker and casino slot machines,  but hey, I’m no politician, who am I to judge?

If you’re into slots, blackjack, or a plethora of other casino games, you can now visit the on the floor bar, and legally drink while you gamble, in fact, Chinook Winds has 2 bars located on the gaming floor, and drink runners during peak hours. The drinks aren’t free like they are in Vegas, but there are drinks available.

Hotels Near Chinook Winds Casino

Looking for an alternative to the Chinook Winds Casino Hotel? The Casino Shuttle at Chinook Winds will pick you up in Portland, and/or at any of the following hotels, make sure that you call the casino for availability beforehand, the shuttles are most active on the weekends, and you just might find yourself stranded during the week.

The following hotels are within a short drive from the casino, near the ocean, and accessible by the casinos shuttle:

Ashley Inn and Suites - Lincoln City

Ashley Inn and Suites

Ashley Inn & Suites Ashley Inn is about half a mile away from Chinook Winds Casino. It’s one of the nicer hotels in Lincoln City where so many hotels can be run down. Ashley Inn offers a pool and a mini-gym for guests. Ashley Inn Features:

  • WiFi
  • Salt Pool
  • Salt Sauna
  • Mini Gum
  • 2 Room Suits
  • Spa Suites

Inn at Wecoma The Inn at Wecoma is just about 3/4′s of a mile away from Chinook Winds Casino on the Oregon Coast.

Surftides Lincoln City Surftides is another option for casino goers looking for hotels near Lincoln City, the hotel is about a mile down highway 101 from Lincoln City’s Chinook Winds

The Coho Oceanfront Lodge Looking for an oceanfront option near Chinook Winds Casino, the Coho Lodge is one of the classier options for Lincoln City casino fans looking for hotels near the casino and is located just about a mile and a half from the casino.

Nordic Oceanfront Inn – Near Chinook Winds Casino Nordic Oceanfront Inn is 1.21 miles south of Chinook Winds Casino.

Comfort Inn & Suites Near Lincoln City Just 2.03 miles south of Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, casino fans will find a Comfort Inn and Suites.

Cozy Cove Beachfront Resort Inn 1.5 Stars Cozy Cove is located 1.96 miles from Chinook Winds Casino and Resort

Crown Pacific Motel Crown Pacific Motel is located just over 2 miles down the coast from Chinook Winds Casino.

Alcohol Served Once Monthly During Bingo at Chinook Winds Casino

In addition to drinking on the casino floor, once a month the casino holds a Cosmic Bingo event, the jackpots aren’t the biggest, but it’s a lot of fun, with cosmic lighting like you might find at a cosmic bowling event, loud music, and a no-host bar. They don’t know how to make a black opal, but they will run all the way upstairs and get you a non-alcoholic beer if you ask real nice.

Chinook Winds Casino offers a variety of popular casino games with a home town feel, the employees are pretty laid back. Table games at the casino include a few Blackjack varieties, including single deck blackjack, where the house edge can actually be reduced to just .05% using a solid blackjack strategy. There are two floors full of slot machines and video poker games.

Craps at Chinook Winds Casino

The craps tables at Chinook Winds Casino is one of the friendliest you’re going to find at any Oregon Casino. During slow times, it’s very laid back and friendly. The dealers will gripe at you a bit if you don’t ht the wall on the other end of the table when you throw the dice, or if you knock people playing slots in the head with them by missing the table all together, but, that’s it, they just gripe. Smile, say sorry and keep on throwing those dice.

Compared to WildHorse Casino though, the team at Chinook Winds are sweethearts, even I was a bit intimidated by the not-so-easy-on-the-newbie’s guys at the  Wildhorse Casino’s craps table.

During slower hours Chinook Winds Casino is one of the best casinos in  Oregon to learn how to play Craps.  The dealers are pretty friendly, and for the most part really knowledgeable. Dana, a night-shifter actually wrote the casinos literature on ‘How to Play Craps’. He’s pretty good at helping no0bs into the game, and keeping them from making sucker bets.

A few of the day shifters are more like sales-people, not all of them, but you can definitely tell the fast talkers, the guys that just want to get you to bet more and more, whether or not the bet makes sense.

The craps tables can get pretty crazy on the weekends though, especially if there’s a car show, or a concert, or something going on at the casino. If the first table you come to is packed full, walk to the end of the table games section, there’s another craps table down there that’s open when the first one’s super crazy.

Roulette at Chinook Winds Casino

Roulette’s also on offer at Chinook Winds, and during the week the tables are pretty quiet, no crowds.If you’re facing the craps table, which is at the front of the table games section of the casino, the Roulette table will be just to your right. Not much to say about it, if you know the game of roulette, it’s your average table. The smallest chip denomination is $1, the minimum bet is $5.

If you scout out a table by the windows, you’ll look out through bay windows to the Oregon Coast. That’s the one area this casino could really improve on.

With the Pacific at your back, the casino is wasting their real estate not putting in windows everywhere! The hotel offers great views, and beach access, and the bar features a breathtaking view.. but the rest of the casino is cliché casino dark and drab.
Back out onto the casino floor, we’re treated by more table games! Such as  the let it ride tables, three card poker, Pai Gow Poker, and a big very popular bingo room.

Chinook Winds welcome’s overnight parking, no facilities are available though. They also value their seniors, and offer a Senior Meal discount to casino goers above the age of 55.

A 51 Space RV park is available. Additionally, a childcare center, and a business center are on offer. There’s an arcade for the kiddies, and a gorgeous 18 hole golf course for their parents.

Chinook Winds License and Regulation

is a legally operating Tribal Casino that is licenced and regulated by the Siletz Tribal Gaming Commission. Siletz Tribal Gaming Commission

2120 NW 44th St., Suite A Lincoln City, OR 97367

541-996-5497 or 800-789-5189

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