Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain Casino was recently declared the largest tourist attraction in all of Oregon. Wow. Oregon with it’s beautiful waterfalls, the Pacific Ocean, Mountains, skiing.. of all the beautiful things Oregon, a beautiful green state, that is filled with acre’s and acre’s of wine country has to offer, more people visit Spirit Mountain Casino than anywhere.

“We beat out a waterfall,” said Michael Moore, CEO and President of Spirit Mountain Casino during an interview with a local casino reviewer.

Oregon is a beautiful beautiful state, full of fun-loving people, that love an adventure, like mountain climbing in the Mt. Hood National Forest, and the sound the dice make when they tumble along the felt of the craps table.

Spirit Mountain Casino Address

27100 S.W. Salmon River Highway
Grand Rhonde, Oregon

Spirit Mountain’s newly remodeled poker room offers Oregonians and tourists alike 17 action packed poker tables amidst the casino games during peak hours. The poker room itself is open 24 hours a day.

There are free snacks available, and of course all the soda pop you can drink. Anything else you could want, aside from the liquor which is taboo in many Oregon Poker rooms, however, you can now legally drink at Chinook Winds, while you player poker in Oregon, is available on order from servers that meander from table to table taking orders.

Spirit Mountain Casino Comp Tip: If you’re playing poker at the casino, be sure to ask floor staff for a coupon for the hotel!

Spirit Mountain casino is 100% coinless. You plop a bill into a machine, and it spits out a piece of paper when you win. Every slot machine in the house will then accept that slip of paper. When you’re all done you can either take the slip to the cashier, much like you would poker chips, or you can simply put it into an A.T.M like machine that will cash out your loot for you. For those of us frugal casino players, this is a smooth way to avoid the necessity to tip the casino’s cashier.

Spirit Mountain is located on Highway 18, about 40 minutes drive time from Lincoln City and the ocean. Competing casino Chinook Winds is located in Lincoln City. That seems to actually be an advantage for Spirit Mountain however.

Games Available at Spirit Mountain

There are two rooms filled with slot machines, video poker games, slot machines, and just a ton of casino games availalbe at Spirit Mountain.

Chinook Winds has a lot to offer.. but if you have to PASS Spirit Mountain to get there… you might just opt to stop in.. mayhap try out the brand new buffet and perhaps you’ll like where you’ve landed and stay. Seriously, Chinook Winds has the beach, and frankly, I get the runs when I eat at their buffet, on the other hand, the buffet at Spirit Mountain is literally the biggest and best buffet in Oregon.

Spirit Mountain offers 50 different table games, and yet, slot machines are the casinos strength. 90% of the casinos gambling business is the slots.

Spirit Mountain features 1500 slot machines, 80% of the slots at Spirit Mountain are video slots.

The neat thing about these slot machines is that they are connected to a network shared by Indian Casinos all over the United States, when you play at one of the casinos, you have a shot at winning a major progressive jackpot.

Spirit Mountain is a tribal casino, which is ran by Confederated Tribes, put together from the Molala, the Rogue, the Chasta, the Umpqua and the Kalapuya Indian Tribes.

Spirit Mountain Casino Regulation

Spirit Mountain Casino is a legally operating Tribal Casino that is licensed and regulated.

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